Your Spirit Knows the Way


"From the beginning I had a sense of destiny, as though my life was assigned to me by fate and had to be fulfilled. This gave me an inner security, and, though I could never prove it to myself, it proved itself to me. I did not have the certainty, it had me."

                                                                                                                                               -Carl Jung-

Excuses Be Gone


Sometimes we find ourselves loss within trauma, pain, abuse or neglect and have no sense of direction, unable  to get back to being ourselves. When you connect to your spiritual energy and power no longer will you live in a cage of fear, anxiety, or worry. You'll acknowledge you are powerful and have all the answers to your life's dilemmas. You'll realize you are an infinite spiritual being having a temporary human experience and there's nothing you can't do when you're connected to the spiritual you!  You are created from a Divine power source. Some may call that source;  God, Jehovah, Allah, Tao, or Divine mind, It does not matter what you call it, you just need to acknowledge that it's where you originated in order to assess your full potential to power and success.

Let Your Heart Shine


Your heart is love, and love is attached to your spiritual power source.  When you disconnect from love your spirit and power dies. When the heart dies so does the spirit. You can't live successfully without a heart.Your heart is the passion source and substance of your life. Your heart beats for love.  It's created by love  and driven by love. We're most happy  and free when we use our hearts in loving ways. You are neither happy nor free without a heart. Recover your heart with  love and by loving others. 


"Love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire."
-Viktor E. Frank-

Take Back Your Life


Connect to your inner spirit, then your mind and body will follow. Your spirit is involved in all  your life's decisions. When it's unbalanced with the mind and the body you become weak, stunted, confused and frustrated. Your spirit is in charge and it's governed by the Divine source of life,  It rules your mind and body. Your spirit needs attention just like your mind and your body. You seek knowledge for a strong and healthy mind. You work out, lift weights for a strong and healthy body. You must take time to meditate, connecting to your inner spirit. Meditation will increase awareness of your spiritual existence and you'll become one with your Divine power. Take some quiet time to listen to your inner voice. It's important to communicate with your soul in order to know your life's purpose.  It's the soul that peers at the world from behind those eyes, that's most important to humanity and your life's purpose. When your soul is in disharmony with your mind and body your finances suffer, you have poor health and unbalanced emotions.  

Now let's get connected! I'll show you how!

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Spiritual Wellness
Coaching Program 


Learn the power of positive self talk.

Having a  strong self concept is very important to overcome negative spirits and limitations.

Learn to control your thoughts.

Thought patterns can shape your sense of personal power and control. Science reveals a strong correlation between your physical health and certain attitudes and beliefs.

Develop Self Compassion.
Be deliberate, with patience and understanding toward yourself.  We can repeatedly inflict pain and punishment on ourselves. We are tried over and over again for the same offense. Learn to welcome the spirit of kindness, be nonjudgmental, use openness and friendliness toward yourself.

Express your feelings in a healthy manner.

When lost in negative emotions for prolonged periods you will confuse the mind and forget how to respond positively. You must separate your identity from your circumstances. Unhealthy emotions can isolate you from joy, freedom and other healthy relationships. 

Discover your purpose. 

Connect your passion, to your talent, to your power, and to your divine life's purpose.

Get support with someone to help you accomplish dreams, modify goals, address fears, and create plans for success.